Saturday, November 4, 2017

Carmyn - Holiday Recount

My holiday was an epic epic epic outstanding fun holiday!!

The first day of the holidays was an exciting day because our house got sold and we bought our new house. I'm going to burst with excitement. The house that we bought has a massive lawn with heaps of trees. We can make our own grove, and we can make our own tree huts with a roof and walls and even a door! So that will be pretty cool ay?

My wonderful friend Chloe came to my house for a sleepover. We did some extremely fun skating at the Motupipi Tennis Courts.  At Motupipi Tennis Courts we did some mind blowing awesome tricks!! Then we put rocks on one side of the court. Then we went down the line of rocks and tried to dodge the rocks. If we hit one we will have to lose a point.  

The next day my mum and dad left Chloe and I at the house.  We were watching a movie when my mum and dad left the house  We were eating popcorn and lollies.  We were watching the movie. My Dad and Me made a hut with boxes and blankets.  It was extremely creative.  

My holiday was outstandingly fun!!!!

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