Saturday, November 4, 2017

Gabriel - Holiday Recount

My holiday was an earthquake rollercoaster on wings relaxing.

I went to Keth and Tina`s house to watch a exciting out of this world mixed martial arts move. My favourite part was when the awesome defending champion was beating the other person who wanted a revenge. The champion was always ducking and defending the punches and kicks. After the other person got so tired the champion could pick him up and throw him on to the ground.  Then he started choking him so he tapped out!  It was mind blowing!

I find martail arts the best.  That’s why I do Kung-Fu. Last time I thought it was the best lesson ever. I  learnt Bongser, Chiser and Fukser.  Also I learnt to do the Wooden Dummy Form.  The best punch I learnt was the Strike and the best kick is called the Axe Kick. Both of the moves are jaw droppingly powerful!!!

Holidays are the best because you get breaks from school and that is awesome!!!

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  1. I liked your recount of your holidays ... and I like martial arts movies too!! I am glad you had such a lovely time.