Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lochie - Holiday Recount

My holiday was a zest full mind blowing roller coaster ride!

In my holiday my friends came from Wellington. They were called Marty and Cath and they have 3 kids. One of the kids was called Ben and he is 6 years old. Another of their kids is called Eli and he is 13. The oldest kid is called Flinn and he is 15. They stayed for a week. I learned how to do a front flip 180 on the tramp. At night we played spotlight and games outside until 11.30pm! We also played Minecraft. It was the best week ever!!  

What to next?  Well I know….  To the mind blowing sea!!!

What is this?  The watch has gone off at 6am. Help me before it’s too late.  Arrrrrrr.  It’s killing me with noise.  Oh wait a minute, it’s just a watch.  Now it’s time to jump on my Mum and Dad.  2 hours later, well more like 3 hours later “Mum, can I go on the kayak?”  “Yes” said Mum.  I got down.  I was ready to go.  I was out in the sea.  It was all good until the sea made me and and kayak flip over. I had to drag the kayak right back up to my place.  It was exhausting with pain. When I got back from the beach, I was exhausted.  

My holiday was so cool!!!

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